Limited Series on the Coronavirus Pandemic

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The Cannabis and Hemp Industry: Cultivating Knowledge and Growing Opportunities

Cannabis and Hemp Industry

Event Date

Shields 167

Check in and a reception (with free food) to begin at 5:00pm, talk begins at 5:30pm. Admission and food will be free, but also first come first serve. An Eventbrite ticket isn't necessary for entrance, but would help us keep track of attendance - if you reserve a ticket on Eventbrite and bring a copy with you (physical or electronic), your name will be entered into a raffle (prize is a UC Davis Stores gift card).

Who are these talks meant for?

  • Students who are unsure of how to leverage their majors in the changing workforce.
  • Anyone - student or non-student - who is interested in the technical aspects of new industries as well as the non-technical aspects.
  • Students who are torn between academic/research-based paths and non-academic paths post-graduation.
  • Students who feel like this.

Each event in our series will center around a different topic - be that artificial intelligence policy, autonomous vehicles, food insecurity, education reform, biotechnology, automation, technology ethics and bioethics, new media, virtual and augmented reality, redefining how we think of “work” itself, etc. We encourage students from all majors to attend. Although some of the topics in our series will seem more STEM-oriented, students from the social sciences and humanities will always have a place.

Each talk will conclude with a student-led Q&A session (powered by anonymous digital polling) - the Q&A is a great opportunity to ask experts questions about exciting new fields!

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Vince Lane is an entrepreneur and investor with over twenty five years of startup and corporate experience. He's also a UC Davis alumnus. Vince's background spans across real estate, business development, technology, IT, entertainment - and now cannabis/hemp. Currently, he is Co-Chair and sits on the advisory board of the UC Davis Cannabis and Hemp Research Center. He also serves as Chair of Harvard Business School (HBS) StartUp Partners program, an advisory board for companies and entrepreneurs. Vince is currently a partner in three hemp/CBD projects in China and Asia, including cultivation/extraction, beauty products, and a venture capital fund. He's advised cannabis and hemp companies in the United States (California, Nevada, Oregon, and Colorado), the United Kingdom, Canada, Thailand, and Peru. Vince began his career in the mobile telephone industry, working for more than a decade at companies such as AT&T and Neustar, before co-founding Iron Horse Ventures in 2003, a real estate investment and development Company in based in Texas.

Dr. Donald Land is the Chief Scientific Consultant for Steep Hill, one of the leading scientific cannabis analysis labs in the world. He is also a Professor of Chemistry, Forensics, and Biotechnology at UC Davis