Limited Series on the Coronavirus Pandemic

Check out how the Future of Work Series will be adjusting during the shelter-in-place order here.
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For Students

Interested in Volunteering?

We always have a need for students who would like to get involved at any level. If you're interested in assisting as a volunteer at one of our events, or would like to learn more about one of our formal positions, please use this form to get in touch.

*For students who would like to get involved in a more casual, low-commitment way, the Student Committee is an excellent option (form below). 

Interested in a Formal Position?

We have a need for students who can assist us with event planning, event management, social media, advertising, website maintenance, and graphic design. We are also currently looking for students interested in being a series director (a fast-paced and intense position for students who would like to get involved at the highest level). These roles offer the opportunity to work closely with campus leadership and administration, and network with guest speakers. If you’re interested in applying for a formal position, please see the list of available roles below.

  • Series Director: this role is critical to the day-to-day operations of the Future of Work Series and involves high-level event organizing, strategizing, and speaker outreach. 
  • Event Manager: working directly with the Provost’s Office on overseeing event logistics (managing budgets, catering, and student volunteers, prepping materials for each talk, registration, etc.).
  • Social Media and Advertising Director: overseeing social media and advertising needs (collaborating with the Heads of Marketing and Communications from the major colleges on campus, maintaining Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts for the series, etc.).
  • Web Master: updating and managing the Future of Work SiteFarm page.
  • Graphic Designer: creating and updating flyers, banners, icons, and logos for the series.
  • Student Committee Member: for students interested in helping out with various odds and ends. This is a great fit for freshmen or other students who are interested in exploring how they can get involved with the Future of Work Series without the same level of commitment as the roles listed above. Members of the Student Committee will also function as a focus group for the series (giving feedback for improvement after events, providing feedback on topic picks, suggesting topics to explore, etc.).