Limited Series on the Coronavirus Pandemic

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Limited Series on the Coronavirus Pandemic

The Future of Work Series at UC Davis will be hosting a limited series on the coronavirus pandemic and the Global Economic Downturn during Spring Quarter 2020. Rather than holding in-person events that pair an industry guest speaker with a faculty speaker, we'll be conducting one-on-one video interviews about the future of work specifically as it relates to the coronavirus pandemic and the global economic downturn.

Although there won't be a live student-led Q&A session, students can still submit questions they'd like to to see answered and topics they'd like to see explored during these talks using the submission form created for this limited series. Feel free to submit questions at any time and they'll be entered into a question bank that will be drawn upon during upcoming interviews.

Regular emails will be sent to subscribers of the Future of Work mailing list announcing recently uploaded interviews. To view all recently uploaded interviews and a preview of interviews to come, visit the Limited Series section of this website (in the top toolbar). If you would like to subscribe to our mailing list, click here.

Although these times are bleak, we strongly believe that students have a need now more than ever to hear from experts about how this pandemic may influence the future of work. Thank you all for your support thus far - we sincerely hope to see some familiar faces next year, when regular events can hopefully resume.


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