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Mass Media and Digital Transformation: How Media Will Change Everything About the Way You Work and Live

Mass Media and Digital Transformation Flyer

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David Grant, a UC Davis School of Law alumnus, currently leads PopSugar Studios, which develops, produces, and distributes PopSugar-branded digital video content, television, and film for a monthly U.S. audience of 40 million people. He conceived of and launched Fox TV Studios from scratch, growing the studio to a major global television supplier which has produced thousands of hours of scripted, reality, and documentary television in over 25 countries. During Grant's time as president, the studio produced numerous Emmy, Golden Globe, and Peabody-winning series.

Dr. Jeanette Ruiz is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communication at UC Davis and a CAMPOS Faculty Scholar. She was also a first generation college student. Her specialty lies in strategic communication with a specific interest in emerging practices in digital and social media. She has worked as a human resources and public relations consultant for various non profits, health care, and financial organizations. Past research of hers has focused on international social networks, public health communication, and cultural assessments of media advocacy.